The Family and Property

The Rains family has always been in the business of loving the outdoors. For us, some of the best memories have been made while drenched in nature – more specifically, drenched in the nature of Zoe, KY, a place we know you’ll soon fall in love with.

For over 15 years we have joyously ridden, adventured, and hiked these 50 acres, letting no one but family and close friends visit. This land has been a haven for us; a place where we can simplify our daily rhythms by cutting away variables in our lives that distract and being present with the people and things right in front of us: the people we love, freshly prepared food, and the wildlife that exists right beyond our city-peripheral.

As a family we have found experiences that involve moving together, working together, and adventuring together to be some of the most impactful and gratifying of our lives. We want everyone to be able to have those experiences, so we decided to share what we have. All you have to do is show up with an open mind, ready to be rejuvenated.


The Owners:

A father and a son who have spent their entire lives bonding by going fast in nature.

Izaac and Kevin - Then & Now

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The Father

A husband and the father of three. Body Shop owner, entrepreneur, marketer, off-road rider, and fisherman.


The Son

A husband and home-zoo operator. Entrepreneur, artist, obsessive-podcast-listener, never satiated adventurer, and nature-lover.