Our first month has been busy and cold, but fruitful.


Kevin Rains smiling in UTV

Absolute giddiness from owner, Kevin Rains, on his first ride in the new UTV. Photo by Izaac Rains


Exploration and mindfulness

Something that’s been on my mind through the process of starting this business is how little we, as modern humans, explore nature. Some might argue that all of the natural world has already been completely mapped out and seen (minus the deep deep sea, only James Cameron knows those secrets), which is accurate… but only as a blanket statement of fact.

To put it another way, this mindset is true on a macro level, but not on a micro level.

Outside of manmade structures and cities, the scenery is endlessly new and bristling with life. Nature is ever changing, flowing with energy, and constantly moving; nothing around us is ever still. For example, if I went to my backyard and picked just the right spot to park a chair and crack open a drink, I could literally watch the growth of a mushroom happen over the course of 12 hours. From “nothing” to something directly in front of my eyes. This same thing happens on a larger, slower scale too, with other organisms, plants, and ecosystems.

The world that we perceive is constantly changing and evolving as we pass through it – the natural world just can’t be mapped on a micro level and we haven’t seen all that we can see.

Immersing yourself in the natural world brings a greater awareness of your connection to it and the intrinsic value in it; I feel truly childlike when I’m in nature –  giddy with joy at all of the fresh sounds, shapes, colors, and smells. This shift in consciousness comes, I think, from the feeling of adventure and non-knowing that the outdoors affords us. I’m gazing upon a beauty that was naturally shaped into existence, crafted by years of course-corrections and instinctual pivots –  still changing, ever so slightly, second by second, but following indelible laws and procedures mapped out in each individual cell.

Surrounding us is a live evolution that we’re part of, admission is on the house.

Photo by Izaac Rains

Updates from Dappled Light Adventures

Our official first month is over and we have made some serious progress, which means y’all are that much closer to being able to come experience what we’ve cultivated here. Our accomplishments might not be ultra noticeable to the outside observer, but we have done a lot! We’ve gone out on multiple scouting trips and found some really fun routes to bring you along on, we’ve cleaned up our property and cleared some trails to make it more hospitable and fun for everyone when they visit, and we’ve booked our first few experiences (not to mention we accomplished a lot of administrative stuff like getting our Tax-ID number, insurance, blah blah blah — stuff y’all probably don’t care about), and finally we are now LIVE on AirBnB and booking for this summer!

Right now we are getting ready to undergo a good amount of construction on the cabin and surrounding area, BUT weather has majorly delayed that, unfortunately, which means that we had to push back the cabin’s booking to June. Nonetheless, we like to focus on the positives here and, believe me when we say it is going to be worth the wait! In the meantime, you can still book an outdoor excursion with us! Currently we’re working on some hiking and off road riding experiences that will be available for you this spring!

I know that through March we’ll have a lot more to report, as well as some nice, warm weather and lush greenery!

If you’re interested in booking an experience with us, OR finding out more about what our different offerings are, book on AirBnB, contact us by message here, or email us any time at dappledlighthouse@gmail.com!

“What you are doing is exploring. You are undertaking the first experience, not of the place, but of yourself in that place… nobody can discover the world for anybody else. It is only after we have discovered it for ourselves that it becomes a common ground and a common bond, and we cease to be alone.”

Wendell Berry, The Unforeseen Wilderness: Kentucky’s Red River Gorge

“…it is not only that nature is valuable because it is beautiful, but nature is beautiful because it possesses intrinsic value, grounded in its intelligible structure.  Thus we see a close parallel between goodness and beauty in nature.  We can find an objective basis for goodness and beauty in nature, namely its intelligible structure, but also see that nature is valuable and beautiful for us…”

― Excerpt from “Beauty in Nature”, by Michael Popejoy, Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at Harvard


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