Local Attractions

Wanting to get off of the property and check out what else the area has to offer/spice up your trip back home, but feeling a little overwhelmed? Here’s a list of some of our favorite things to do in the area!

If you discover anything that’s not on the list, but needs to be, reach out to us at dappledlighthouse@gmail.com!

Our Favorite Local Area Restaurants:

If you’ve been to the Gorge, you’ve most likely been to or at least heard of Miguel’s. This restaurant has been a haven for climbers and campers since 1984 and there is nothing like sitting down with a big, freshly made, pepperoni pizza after being in the woods for a few days. We cap off almost every trip by stopping here on our way home! 

Miguel’s Pizza
1890 Natural Bridge Rd
Slade, KY 40376

This place has been an immediate staple for us ever since they opened. They have incredible burgers, burritos, and beer! (Plus salads, tacos, wine, and bourbon – we just love the alliteration). 

Just so you know: they are closed in the winter months. Catch them in the spring, summer, and fall!

Red River Rockhouse
4000 KY-11
Campton, KY 41301

“Not just a coffee shop in Red River Gorge”. This gem offers all kinds of options, from coffee/tea to smoothies and sandwiches. They also use all fair trade and organic beans from the tri-state area. Woohoo for supporting local business!

Daniel Boone Coffee Shop
769 Natural Bridge Rd
Slade, KY 40376

This is an incredible option on the way to or from our property. Serving up the tastiest, most comforting Mexican food around, these folks know how to make you happy. Offering up a huge menu with tons of options and a full bar with mixed drinks and brews, how could you go wrong?

La Cabaña
1289 Natural Bridge Rd
Slade, KY 40376

Our Favorite Off-Site Activities


Simplicity, scope, sweeping views since 1967. This is the original activity for our area – you can’t lose when you take a trip on the lift.

Experience breathtaking views and access to Natural Bridge and some foot trails once you get to the top! This is an activity that’s easy and sure to please.

The Skylift at Natural Bridge
You know that feeling where you’re flying at 50mph above and through the canopy? Yeah, we didn’t either, until we had our first ziplining experience.
This is safe, but it isn’t for the faint of heart!
Zip Line Tours
Ummmmmm. Wha? Yeah, we know, not an activity that you hear of often, but trust us, this is one of the coolest, most unique experiences that you can have in this area! Traverse an abandoned mine in a kayak while learning about our natural world and the area that you’re in! This isn’t an activity you’ll likely forget. Check out their website and get blown away! Underground Kayaking

Climbing goes with the gorge like butter and bread. This seems like an obvious excursion if you have time while you’re here! We recommend getting a guide and bringing the whole family!

Even your children can learn with the amazing climbing guides here.

Horseback Trail Riding
Yeah, you read that right! Whisper Valley Trails offers hour-long riding sessions that allow you to ride through Daniel Boone National Forest! And their pricing is very fair.  

Some of Our Favorite Hiking Trails in the Area


Natural Bridge

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Via Balance Rock and the Original Loop Trails (1.5 miles)

This trail is pretty easy and the payoff is spectacular! If you’ve never been to the area, this should be on your list.

Turtle Back Arch

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Via Rock Bridge Loop (4.0 miles- unmarked)

This hike is not for beginners, the difficulty is listed as “moderate” due to length and lack of marking on trails. Well worth the adventure if you have the time and energy!

Auxier Ridge Loop

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(5.0 miles)

This is a bit more intense of a hike length-wise, being 5 miles long, but 4 of those miles are gravel road, so it shouldn’t be too tough for you! The difficulty of this trail is “moderate” as well.

Chimney Top Rock

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(0.6 miles)

This hike is going to be one of the easiest ones to go on! Coming in at 0.6 miles, most people can hike it in under an hour! Probably a good option for families.

Hidden Arch

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(2.3 miles)

Although this hike is a bit longer than the other simple trails, it’s pretty easy overall AND has great views on the way to and from the arch!